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PInCh Competition - Fall 2017:

How can we use wearable technology to address an important health problem?

UPMC Pitt Awards $565K to Innovative Wearable Technology Ideas that Tackle Health Care Problems
Pitt News Pitt grants $500K to health care wearable technology projects
WPA Healthcare News Wearable tech devices can address health problems

PInCh Competition - Fall 2016:

What’s your bold solution to a vital health problem?

UPMC Pitt Innovation Challenge Awards $450K to Fund Bold Ideas in Health Care
Pitt News Pitt student entrepreneurs win $25,000 in award money
WPA Healthcare News The Pitt Innovation Challenge Awards

PInCh Competition - Fall 2015:

Healthy lives matter beginning to end

businews Pitt Innovation Challenge Awards $375,000 to Move New Ideas Forward
businews Pitt Innovation Challenge awards $375K

PInCh Competition - Fall 2014:

From cell to community: How can we individualize solutions for better health(care)?

usn Health Innovation Contest Puts “Best Talent on Display"
usn Innovation Challenges projects earn $400,000
pittnews Pitt doctors team up for innovation
TRIB Pitt contest awards $100K prizes for projects targeting asthma, diabetes, ACL injuries
businews Pitt puts up $375,000 in prize money for contest winners
usn Your healthcare idea could win a contest and even save lives!
usn Innovation Challenge Launches Second Health Care Idea Contest
usn Pitt innovation challenge poses new health care questions

PInCh Competition - Spring 2014:

Empowering individuals to take control of their own health outcomes

TRIB 3 health solutions come out on top in Pitt competition
pg Pitt competition produces answers to health problems
businews Innovation challenge winners chosen Monday in Oakland
entrprnr Creating new pathways in translational innovation
usn How your smartphone can help you leave cigarettes behind.
usn Pittsburgh rally to promote women's work in life sciences
usn Odukoya Receives PInCh Award
pg An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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