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PInCh 2018:
What is your idea to improve human performance?

Congratulations to the PInCh 2018 winners! Teams competed for funding during the final event on September 26, 2018. Visit #PittPInChEvent on Twitter for recap of the event.

$100,000 Award Winners

ThreadRite IV

$25,000 Award Winners

Gus Gear Central Line Wrap
motionSleeve *
Pediatric ICU Quantitative EEG (PIQUE) for Sleep & Sedation *
PopSole *
Quantitative Ultrasound to Prevent Tendon Injury (QUPTI)

* Denotes Poster Session Winner

The Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh ®) 2018 is focused on generating creative, personalized solutions addressing problems associated with human performance.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) created the PInCh competition in order to stimulate innovation in a fresh exciting way. PInCh is a multi-round competition. Each of the winning teams will receive an award for direct costs and project management support from CTSI to take the team’s solution one step further along the path of development.

If you would like to learn more, e-mail us at pinch@pitt.edu or Tweet us at @Pitt_PInCh.

Human Performance

Performance is a broad topic that encompasses many opportunities to focus on a problem that, if solved, will have an impact. Optimal performance is critical for athletes, soldiers, as well as first responders to perform at their best. Solutions that improve performance can also focus on impacting the performance of someone at work, in the classroom, or at home. Human performance spans multiple disciplines, with proposed solutions addressing physiological or psychological aspects of performance. Please visit the Human Performance FAQ page for more details.

Bonus Award

This year we incentivized solutions for human performance problems that involve respiratory health and/or sleep. Projects that chose to participate may be eligible for an additional award of $25,000. Please visit the Bonus Award page for more details.

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