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PInChTM 2016:
What is your bold solution to a vital health problem?

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute is sponsoring the 4th Pitt Innovation Challenge. This year’s challenge is focused on bold solutions in health. CTSI aims to move health-related research projects along the translational spectrum, not just to commercialization. Ideas and solutions do not need to be a products ready for commercialization - basic science projects are encouraged to apply! In addition, the program encourages new connections within the academic community, and among universities and community organizations, to foster an ecosystem of innovation.

Proposed solutions can span the spectrum of healthcare including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment
  • Interventions
  • Prevention
  • Predictive solutions
  • Patient care
  • Provider and patient tools
  • Community programs, etc

Examples of types of problems that can be addressed include, but are not limited to, the questions below.
How would you:

  • Use health, consumer, environmental, or other data sets to predict health outcomes?
  • Help patients have an improved medical experience?
  • Develop more tailored medical treatments?
  • Connect family history to inform patient care?
  • Devise a test or treatment to improve health?
  • Investigate mechanisms underlying specific diseases to improve diagnosis or treatment?
  • Investigate impacts of epigenetic changes on health outcomes?

Think about it and challenge your friends and colleagues! Brainstorm a bit and join us at the Pitt Innovation Challenge!


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