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Frequently Asked Questions

Human Performance

What is human performance?

Am I eligible to participate if my project is in the Performance Innovation Tournament?

What does ‘personalized’ mean?

Am I eligible to participate if my idea uses existing technology?

Am I eligible to participate if my idea is commercially available?

What can I learn from the Innovation Institute?

Can I collaborate with an external partner?

What can I learn from the Office of Investigator sponsored IND and IDE Support (O3IS)?

Contest Details

How does it work?

Who can participate?

Can students or faculty from other universities (e.g. CMU, Duquesne, Chatham, Carlow) participate in this contest?

Does the University of Pittsburgh faculty member have to be the team leader?

What can I do if I don’t yet have a University of Pittsburgh faculty member on my team?

How many times can I enter?

Who are the judges for this contest?

I submitted a video to a previous PInCh challenge. Can I submit the same video for the new challenge?

Does my idea need to be a device or a product?


Can I change my project title after entering?

What if my video is longer than two minutes?

I noticed after submitting my video that the sound had been removed. Is there any way to add music back into the video?

How can I find music that is not copyrighted to use in my video?

Intellectual Property

What if my solution is an invention?

What if my solution is NOT an invention?

How do I determine if my solution is an invention?

Do I need to talk to the Innovation Institute about the solution I am presenting in this competition?

Why would I want to commercialize my solution? I want to have it be free and publicly available.

What process does the Innovation Institute follow to make a recommendation?

Will the University of Pittsburgh prevent me from publishing?

Are there any terms and conditions I need to agree to in order to participate in this challenge?

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