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Up to $555,000 in awards are available for funding. Winning projects will be awarded $100,000 in funding; however, if your project qualifies for the Bonus Award, then your project may be awarded $125,000. Select projects will be invited to compete for $25,000 during a poster session at the final event. If your project qualifies for the Bonus Award and you receive a $25,000 award, then your project may be awarded up to $30,000.

Contest Rounds

The PInCh competition is a multi-round competition. Click each round for more information.

  • Teams entering Round One submit a video describing their idea.
  • Teams chosen for Round Two* submit a written document to expand on their idea.
  • Teams chosen for Round Three* submit a response to reviewers and revisions to their written document and pitch their idea to a panel of judges at the final event.

*Participants for rounds two and three are chosen from prior rounds, it is not possible to enter PInCh at round 2 or 3.

Judging Criteria

PInCh entries will be judges on the following criteria:

  • Significance and impact of the articulated problem
  • Creativity and innovation of the proposed solution
  • Feasibility and approach of the proposed solution

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